WebWayOne has certified its entire product range and receiving platform to EN standards. The WebWay Alarm Transmission System is the only platform to have completed testing to all intruder and fire transmission standards (EN50136-1, EN50136-2, EN50136-3, EN50131-10).

Certified products

WebWay's certified product range is the most extensive of any provider and includes Single, Dual and Triple Path solutions using combinations of Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G hardware. The certification covers unique digital solutions such as WebWay Dual Radio and the Triple Path configuration of IP/Dual Radio and Wi-Fi/Dual Radio.

Certificates can be viewed at www.certalarm.org.

We've Certified the solutions under the Cert Alarm scheme, using approved test houses Telefication and Applica. Cert Alarm is the only certification scheme that requires System 5 factory inspection in additional to all product, functional and performance tests.

Certified Platform

WebWay's receiving platform is the first to achieve EN50136-3 Certification. The standard covers user access control, data security, fault reporting to the Alarm Management System and resilience.

"This Certification gives end users, installers and ARCs the confidence that our entire system has been tested end to end, the only Alarm Transmission System to have obtained total Certification from the communications device (SPT) to the network platform (CONXTD) receiving equipment (RCT)." Phil Meredith, Technical Director. WebWayOne.