WebWayOne is aware of the ongoing global ransomware attack that exploited vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Operating System and caused widespread disruption over the weekend. In response to the attack, WebWayOne would like to reassure all customers that all business and alarm transmission systems remain resilient and have not been affected in any way.

Our business systems are governed under strict internal policy that ensures they are constantly reviewed and updated in order to mitigate the risk of attack. Our business systems do use Microsoft software and were updated prior to the attack. WebWayOne also deploys third party applications, (e-mail scanners, anti-virus and malware protection) as part of an internal cyber security plan that is designed to protect both customers and WebWayOne.

The WebWayOne Alarm Transmission System is an entirely separate entity and does not deploy the Microsoft Operating System, furthermore, none of the systems share data via network attached systems that are connected to Microsoft systems.

In response to the heightened risk the business has implemented additional systems checks and an internal communications briefing has been issued to all staff members. WebWayOne remains vigilant to the threat. 

Hacking, ransomeware and DoS are huge threats to Intruder Alarm Transmission. We work with Telefonica IoT, global leaders in IoT data communications to help us deliver a secure, world class, independent and dedicated Alarm Transmission Network. When you need your alarm acted upon, you can rely on our network to deliver it. We proactively monitor every connection to our Cloud, over internet, radio or PSTN communications to ensure that your security systems can transmit information at the critical moment.