Analogue to Digital Made Simple

Today we’re launching our first service using our second generation Nano hardware. Our latest Nano is a significant step in the right direction for installers of remotely maintained and monitored systems. Communications technology is changing rapidly, and the latest Nano helps you and your customers manage that change cost effectively using a range of plug on devices.  

The Nano Second Generation hardware incorporates the best elements of the Mini and Nano first generation platform to provide you with the ultimate future proofed digital solution. It’s our most flexible product to date, configurable as single, dual or triple path signalling  

Panel interfaces
8 inputs
1 RS232
1 RS485
Optional Modem Capture

Expansion interfaces
1 On board expansion interface (for Modem Capture or plug on 3G/2G).
1 RS422 bus. Connect 3G/2G modules or Wi-Fi up to 50 metres from main Nano board.



Configuration options

Go 3G Available now
Smart Dual Radio Available now

Future Configurations

Smart IP/Radio Available June
Smart IP/Radio/Radio Available June
Wi-Fi Available June

4G/2G Planned Q3 2017




Key Benefits


Single Platform for all your Digital Signalling Needs
The latest Nano hardware can be configured as Smart Dual or Triple Path signalling or Go Single Path signalling. Today we’re launching the Smart Dual Radio, Nano (Radio only) & Go (Radio only) solution, available to buy now via the Web Shop. In May and June we will release single, dual and triple path solutions (IP, IP/Radio and IP/Radio/Radio).

Small in all Dimensions
The Nano hardware is the smallest dual path, and only truly triple path solution available. The main PCB is just W72mm x L113mm x H16mm and has a draw of no more than 75mA (serial or pins connection). It’s perfect for installing in smaller enclosures.

All the Connectors
Our latest Nano has the three popular serial interfaces for panel connections (for Contact ID, SIA and UDL) - RS232, RS485 and TTL. There are 8 pins and 2 outputs on board as standard. Modem Capture can be added as a plug on for legacy panels.

Better Connections
Unique among signalling products, the upgraded Nano has it’s own RS422 bus. We’ve designed our 3G/2G and Wi-Fi modules with this interface on board. You can position a Radio or Wi-Fi module up to 50 meters from the main board to get the best signal/reliability for your connections. Better installations, reduced cost of high gain antennae - better all round.

Works with
The latest Nano works with everything we’ve done before. It has the same library of panel integrations (the most extensive on the market), can be bought in the web shop, configured and managed in WebWay World.

You can buy the Second Generation Nano for UDL just as you did the Nano, with no connection to the ARC.

Our latest Nano connections can be subscribed to our CONXTD App, just as before with all other products.