Important ARC Information JULY 2019

Following the acquisition of WebWayOne in June 2018, we will be making some changes as we integrate the company into the CSL Group. These changes are planned to take place on the 1st October 2019. The exact details of this process are currently being finalised and we will update you nearer the time, however we wanted to give you as much notice as possible.

The important changes you need to be aware of are:

  • All commercial activities related to “WebWayOne Ltd” will be transferred in to “CSL Dualcom Ltd”. This includes all contracts, purchasing, connections, etc.
  • Terms and Conditions for new connections and purchases from 1st October 2019 will change to CSL Group. Purchases before 1st October 2019 will be unaffected
  • We will migrate the WebWayOne website ( to the CSL Group website ( WebWay World will continue to be available for online ordering and commissioning
  • Current support telephone numbers for WebWayOne will change to CSL Group numbers.
  • WebWayOne social media accounts will be closed on 9th August 2019 and all future content will be made via the CSL Group accounts

Below is a list of questions and answers that will help explain the changes and provide information about how this affects you.

Why are the changes necessary?

CSL are consolidating the businesses within our Group whilst also simplifying and streamlining how our customers interact with us. This is all part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, which also includes new products, services and online portals, all under the CSL Group brand. Making these changes now ensures you can take advantage of these innovations as they are launched.

Will the service I receive or the products I use change as part of this?
No, all existing WebWayOne products, services and support functions will remain the same as they are today. Overall, these changes should be simple and straightforward, with no change to the service or your experience of WebWayOne products.

How does this affect my terms and conditions?

Devices purchased from “WebWayOne Ltd” will continue to be covered by the terms and conditions they were purchased under. Orders from 1st October 2019 will be subject to CSL’s standard terms and conditions, a copy of which can be downloaded via: