As part of our ongoing commitment to making the lives of our customers even easier, we will be consolidating our alarm signalling product range on 24th December 2020. As of 1st January 2021, there will be no new connections available for any WebWay devices. For any Installers that have already purchased and installed these products, there will be continued support from our Technical Support Team and all devices in the field will be supported for the lifetime of that product. Some Installers may purchase WebWay devices as hardware only, going to an ARC to connect these later. We have therefore advised our ARC partners that they may see some connections occurring past this deadline. Please also note that limited replacement hardware stock will be available until approximately June 2022.

DualCom Pro

Since its launch in July 2019, DualCom Pro has been utilised in over 10,000 installations across the UK and Ireland, with fantastic feedback from Installers and ARCs. It offers totally wireless 4G signalling with single and dual-path options for every grade of risk, all using multiple Roaming WorldSIMs for total resilience. LAN/Radio dual-path variants are also available, using LAN connectivity for the primary path and 4G as the secondary path. The entire range is supported by CSL Live and the My Base App, providing unrivalled management tools for a professional alarm signalling base.


We have selected all the best aspects from our 3 existing group brands to create the future of alarm signalling – DualCom Pro. We combined the simplicity of GradeShift UDL with the product flexibility and panel integration of WebWay and the best bits of the Emizon TCD Online Maintenance tool. We are confident that all the latest requirements for alarm signalling devices have now been satisfied with the new DualCom Pro Range.

Communications to Installers

An e-letter has been sent to all Installers who have purchased any WebWay devices over the past 12 months. We will be ensuring all relevant Installers understand this process and our Sales Team will also be proactively informing relevant Installers to ensure a smooth transition to the DualCom Pro range.

Installer Alternatives

The table below outlines all the details surrounding the product consolidation process, including important dates and the alternative products Installers should purchase going forward:

Product Last Order Date Replacements until Support until Alternative
WebWay Nano 24/12/2020 June 2022 Product lifetime DigiAir Pro
WebWay Smart or Pro 24/12/2020 June 2022 Product lifetime GradeShift Pro


If you have any further questions or require any further information, please contact:

Rob Evans:   +44 (0) 7775 444195

Sales Director:  rob.evans@csl-group.com