WebWayOne Guide - 

Texecom Panel Guide Texecom Panel Guide (1141 KB)

Connection is via a serial link with the following required:

WebWayOne Texecom cable (05-0246)
For Wintex programming via a PC a USB Com cable (Texecom part no JAA-0001 or JAC-0001)
WebWay firmware V3.45 and above

The WebWay solution is quick and easy to install and commission with your chosen ARC. A WebWay with a two wire connection to the Alarm System, (or a WebWay provided cable serial emulation), a two-wire connection for power, an Ethernet cable to the Router and an aerial.

Our Auto Take On process completes the WebWay installation. The WebWay servers automatically programme the WebWay to work seamlessly with the Texecom to enable SIA alarms, Upload Download and secure remote access using the Texecom UDL software.

      SPT Wiring and WebWay Texecom Cable

Serial Connectivity

Connect the WebWay PWR + and - to any relevant Power (+12V/+24V) and Ground (0V) terminals. Then the Texecom cable as follows;

WebWay SPT


T - Red

Com Port 1

R - Green

RTN - Blue

Panel Configuration

The Texecom panel configuration is uploaded via the Wintex software and downloaded to the panel on com port 2 from a local PC. The following requires configuring in the panel, 

Communications Menu
In Options 
1. Enable communicator must be ticked
2. UDL passcode (set in the panel) must match.
3. Dial attempts 1, ring before answer 3

In ARC’s 
1. Account number (site ID)
2. SIA Level 2/3
3. Connect Via IP - ticked
4. Send SIA text – ticked

In Radio-Pad and Com Port options
1. Com Port 1 – WebWayOne module
2. Local IP address
3. Local IP port 50561
4. Gateway
5. Subnet Mask
6. Name/SMG port 50561

Important: The WebWay should be connected to Com port 1.

Wintex Settings

All settings are configured with the Wintex Communications menu (7th option down on the left side of the Wintex program labeled Comms). This can be configured on a local PC plugged on to Com Port 2 with the WebWay unit running on Com Port 1. (In keypad settings leave Com Port 2 as unassigned, when the PC cable is connected it will automatically detect and allow you to configure settings).

“Account No:” should match the ARC Site/Chip ID and tick the relevant trigger event boxes relevant to the premises.

If the SMS call centre is utilised the engineer should enter the appropriate number and it should be configured under:
UDL/Digi Options – Radio/SMS Option – SMS Centre Pri.

The SMS centre telephone number is used to send SMS text messages to mobile phones. (Default = 07860980480).

Note if the Texecom is being programmed with a laptop on com port 2, and the WebWay is connected to com port 1 the SPT will be lost from the panel until the Wintex session is closed.