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Menvier M Series Menvier M Series (292 KB)

Integration is complete for the following Panel(s)


A Menvier cable (05 5017) is required for the serial RS232 connection

Panel Configuration

The M Series main board assembly has a 9 way D-type connector at the top right. This connects to the T, R terminals of the WebWayOne panel interface. 

The connection details are as follows:

9 way D-type WebWayOne 
2 T (Blue)
3 R (Red)
5 gnd (Green)

Connect the WebWay  power IN+ and IN- to the AUX 0V and 12V.

Go to menu 2-5-2 Communications 2 Digicom ARC No 1

Select telephone number <01666111>

Select account number <______>

Select dialling mode <consecutive>

Select restore signals <enable>

Select Comms Format <Extended SIA 3>

Select Fast Format channels <8FF channels>

Select CID/SIA reports <Full>

Go to menu 2-5-4 Communications 4 RS232 options

Select RS232 baud <38400>

Select remote modem <enable>

Go to menu 2.5.1 Communications 1 downloader

Select Password <______> 
(same as configured in downloader application)

Select site ID <______> 
(same as configured in downloader application)

Select access mode <unattended>

Select edit call Nos <not configured>

Select rings to answer <immediate>

Select baud rate <1200>

Select answer phone defeat <disabled>