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Castle Euro User Manual Castle Euro User Manual (2274 KB)

A WebWay Modem Capture Module (22- 5059)  is required modem capture for communication.
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Simple installation and commissioning

The WebWay solution is quick and easy to install and commission with your chosen ARC. A WebWay modem capture board with a two wire connection to the Alarm System, (or a WebWay provided cable serial emulation), a two-wire connection for power, an Ethernet cable to the Router and locate the aerial.


Our Auto Take On process completes the WebWay installation. The WebWay servers automatically programme the WebWay to work seamlessly with the Castle to enable SIA alarms, Upload Download and secure remote access using the Castle software.

Panel Programming

1. Go to Engineering Mode

2. Go to programme Digi/SMS calls

3. Select Disable Digi/SMS <0>

4. Select ARC Details <1>

5. Select Active <Yes>

6. Select format SIA <SIA 3> (Option 129)

7. Select first number <01666111>

8. Select first number <01666222>

9. Select valid areas <select areas to be reported>

10. Select stop on success <yes>

11.  Select ARC account <No>

12. Select content 1-16 <Trigger events> (recommend 1-5 &  7-13)

13. Select content 17-32 <Trigger events> (recommend 21-25, 27-30 & 32)

14.  Select redials <03>

15.  Select time out <15>

16. Select test calls <No>