The purpose of commissioning a site is to establish successful connectivity over all available communication paths

Auto Take On Process

1.    Locate Unit in Power Supply/Alarm Panel
2.    Connect unit to network and power-up (Ethernet or PSTN depending on SPT configuration)

SPT Start-up – Initialisation messages

The Starburst LED display is capable of spelling out user messages. On start up the GSM module will initialise and connect to the mobile data network via the SIM card. A number of messages will be displayed during this process. These include:-

Vx.xx - This is the software version the SPT is running.

no GSM – prior to acquiring SIM registration on the GSM mobile network

no GPRS – prior to acquiring SIM registration on the mobile data network

BAD SIM – occasionally seen on start up but will clear. Only contact WW1 if the message persists.

A solid signal strength should be displayed once the SIM has fully registered. When the SPT is communicating via the GPRS network a flashing dot will appear in the bottom right corner of the display.

The Signal Strength is indicated on a scale of 1 to 9, where exceptionally good service is available an “A” will be displayed. A signal strength of 3 or less should be classed as borderline service and alternate positioning of the device or alternate antenna selection should be considered.

Ensure the WebWay displays a stable GSM signal strength reading and proceed to enter the Site ID using the display and configuration buttons as follows:

Tap button A until menu option ‘d’ is displayed Press and hold the ‘C’ button until ‘_’ is displayed Tapping the ‘A’ button decreases the displayed number, and tapping the ‘B’ button increases the displayed number. Use the A and B buttons to select the first number of the site ID. When the number appears on the display, press the ‘C’ button to enter - this will return the display to ‘_’

Follow the same process to enter the remaining numbers of the site ID

After the final number of the site ID has been entered press the ‘C’ button a second time. A moving circle will be displayed followed by a return to menu option ‘d’

Check that you have correctly entered the site ID by pressing the ‘C’ button and observing the readout

IMPORTANT: If you have entered the ID incorrectly, when the system returns to the signal strength display re-enter the Site ID.

Press the RESET button located at the top left of the board (above the display) to finalise the commissioning – it will take up to 5 minutes to complete the commissioning and automatic configuration of the WebWay.

Post Commission Checks

SMG LED – Should be pulsing green. If the LED is flashing alternate Red & Green then the commission process has failed, contact WebWayOne Support.

ATS LED – Flashes twice per Alarm Transmission path. Therefore single path systems will flash twice, dual path will flash 4 times with a pause of a second before the process is repeated.

IP/GPRS – First Pair indicates IP paths, Second Pair the GPRS paths

GPRS/PSTN – First Pair indicates GPRS paths, Second Pair the PSTN paths

IP/PSTN – First Pair indicates IP paths, Second Pair the PSTN paths

Green = Good communication

Red/Orange = No communication – Contact WebWayOne Support