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Audio Capture Fitting


1. Power down the SPT BEFORE carrying out the following actions.
2. Before fitting the Audio Capture Module Dip Switch 7 must be set ON. This sets the clock speed to 66Mhz.
3. Fit the ACM to the 18 pin; PL1 connector located at the top of the WebWay SPT. Ensure the appropriate fixing (supplied) is secure.
4. A Dial Capture Module (DCM) can be connected to the Audio Capture Module if required or already installed. 

The WebWay ACM is designed to capture incoming Audio for transmission to the ARC by emulating a PSTN line.

Dycon Settings

The ACM is compatible with the Dycon Audio Verification Equipment.

To use the Dycon there are 2 input settings required:

1 or 1-8 - System Set. Depending on how many microphones are being used and on which areas are set, this input is used by the Dycon equipment to declare the System as Set/Unset. 

AL  - Alarm activation. The Intruder System should be configured to signal an “audio recorded” event (as per the Dycon instruction manual). This activation places the Dycon into  a call answer mode. The alarm output from the Intruder System should also be connected to PIN 16 of the SPT. When this is triggered the SPT will initiate a call to the Dycon via the ACM. 

By default this pin needs to be POS (+12V) for restore state and NEG (0V) for alarm state. If the reverse is required please contact WebWay Support to make the change. 

As the WebWay device is being prompted to make the call (Pin 16) and the Dycon answers then all available Audio streams will be transmitted via the ACM. There are various configuration modes to set within the Dycon; please refer to the Dycon manuals for guidance.