GE Aritech Alarm Systems 
The following panels have been integrated to the WebWay signalling solution

GE Aritech 

Please note the video above dos not apply to the ATS 2000 range

WebWayOne Guide -

ATS Guide ATS Guide (594 KB)

ATS User Manual - 

ATS User Manual ATS User Manual (2786 KB)

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Serial connectivity requires the ATS device to have an Aritech ATS1801 serial module. 

                 Board Connections          

WebWay to SPT Connections

WebWay SPT RS232

ATS 1801







Needs 12 V from webway or panel to CTS Connection of serial interface


*Please note without 12V to the CTS connection on the serial interface the serial board will not operate.

Panel Programming  Remote Management Programming
1. Select advanced service menu
1. Go to menu 29
2. Go to Menu 9 2. Select  enable remote up/download <YES>
3. Ensure PBX is BLANK 3. Select  up/download if any area armed <YES>
4. Ensure MSN is BLANK 4. Select Enable remote control <YES>
5. Select dial tone detection <UK> 5. Select Remote control if any area armed <YES>
6. Select DTMF tone dialing <YES> 6. Select use modem init string <NO>
7. Select enable PSTN line fault monitor <NO> 7. Select Report alarms to computer <NO>
8. Select Monitor Service tones <NO> 8. Select Report access events to computer <NO>
9. Select 3 digit SIA extensions <YES> 9. Enter Computer address <0001>
10. Select ISDN point to point <NO> 10.   Enter security password <0000000000> (Ten zeros)
11. Select 200 baud reverse area open/close <NO> 11.   Select Security attempts <255>
12. Select X25 TEI value <2> 12.   Select Number of rings before answering <1>
13. Select Audio listen in time <180> 13.   Select Number of calls before answering  <0>
14. Select  Audio listen in time frame <30> 14.   Select Answer machine defeat <NO>
15. Select Report mains fault <YES>  15.   Select Reserved <NO>
16. Select Report line fault <YES> 16.   Use Bell 103 Protocol <NO>
17. Select Enable GSM line fault monitor <NO> 18. Select Connection type 4 <Universal Interface> *
18.  Select the central station to program <Central station1>
19.   Select the reporting format <X-SIA Large> (Option 7) *Note for ATS 2000 panels set the connection type here as PSTN. Rather than serial interface. The connection type in menu 9 needs to remain as Universal Interface.
20.   Enter the first phone number <01234 567890>
21.   Enter the system account number <_____>
22.   Select BELL modem tones for SIA <YES>
23.   Enter the Area account number <_____> 
24.   Select Dual reporting <NO>
25.   Select listen in <NO>
26.   Select Disable reporting inhibits <NO>
27.   Select reserved <NO>
28.   Select X_SIA Max Characters <30>
29.   Select X25 account code <Not Set>
30.   Select X25 line type <0>
31.   Select connection type 4 <Universal Interface>
32.   Suppress FTC for voice reporting <NO>
33.   Retry Count <10>